Hourly, daily, or weekly… We bring the kayaks to you. Whether it’s our weekly Mobile Rentals coming to your neighborhood or you’re vacationing on the lake and need kayaks for days, we can make it happen.

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Hourly Rentals


Think food truck, but kayak rentals instead …

Monday – Monday Paddle Night, Lorain. See our Social Media pages for specific details & weekly location. $20/single.

Thursday – Veterans Park, Avon Lake. 11A-5P through Aug. 15.

Friday – Lorain by appointment.

Saturday – Veterans Park, Avon Lake. 11A-5P through Aug. 18.

Other days & times by appointment.

$15/hr/single.           $20/hr/tandem.*          $5/hr/extra kid.*                                                              *very limited availability.


Daily & Weekly Rentals


 Please contact us to discuss pricing & delivery options.